How to Use Static Front Page in WordPress

Written by Joseph Mayol

On February 1, 2019
How to Use Static Front Page in WordPress

I get this question a lot:

  • How do I create a website, and which platform should I start with?

My recommendation is always to go with WordPress. Using WordPress for your website will give you many advantages, including better SEO, an easy to use dashboard, and most importantly, the cost involved is less than a custom-built website.

Now, when it comes to websites, we all know that having a static front page is crucial, and with WordPress, you can make one really easily.

In this article, I will be quickly showing you how you can use any page on your WordPress blog as a static front page. With some custom template options, you can create a great looking homepage.

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How to use any WordPress page as a homepage for WordPress blog:

By default, WordPress shows your recent posts on the homepage, which is good for a blog layout. But for a more “traditional” website layout, we will likely be dealing with pages only (i.e. no posts).

WordPress gives you the ability to create any page and use it as your homepage.

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on Pages > Add new.
  • Create a new page and give it a name.
    • Ex: Homepage

If your theme offers a custom template option, or your theme designer has created a custom template for your homepage, you can select that too from this page.

Now, all we need to do is use the newly created page as the homepage for our WordPress blog.

  • Go to Settings > Reading and here you will see an option to configure the “Front page display”.

By default, the “Your latest posts” option is selected, and you can change it by selecting the second option.

Static FrontPage WordPress

  • From the drop down, select which page you wish to show as your homepage.

Show static page on Homepage

In my case, since I want my site to give the advantage of content marketing, I’ve integrated my blog onto the homepage. I’ve created a separate page called “Blog” and all of my content shows on that page.

One of the major mistakes which I have seen people making with their business WordPress website is they integrate “Blog” at a sub-directory level. It’s better to take advantage of the content on your main domain.

Moreover, when we set the “Posts page”, it will pull up the content automatically, and you don’t need to take help of any custom template. You can read more about it on the official documentation here.

If you can, for a homepage, it’s better if you can get a template developer, or search for some premium website themes for WordPress in any of the premium WordPress theme clubs.

In general, you should know that creating a website with WordPress is easier, and it gives you more control and advantages than any other platform.

You can also refer to my WordPress guide for more WordPress related tutorials.

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Note: The following are confirmed hosts that offer cPanel hosting:

Do let me know if you have any questions related to setting up a static homepage on WordPress in the comments below.

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Written by Joseph Mayol

I'm a full-time Freelance WordPress Developer and Blogger. With over 5 years of Web Design and Web Development experience.

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